About Us

Welcome to Eldorado RV & Marine, LLC

We are a family-owned and operated faith-based company.

Since 2000, we have sold over 750 RV’s & Boats via the Internet to just about every state in the US & as far away as UK, France, Germany & Australia.  You will not find many that do exactly what we do or the way we do it. Because we are a small family-owned business with low overhead, we are able to bring great deals to our customers.

We firmly believe that it is not necessary to have all of the “Red Carpet” effects that the big franchise dealers offer.  After all, you are paying for the chandeliers, fancy furniture, and the personnel it takes to run a large dealership.  Frankly, we do not think many people would like paying for these facilities if they actually realized how much it costs to operate & it is “Included“, like it or not, in the pricing.

We provide a hassle-free solution as well as a SIGNIFICANT reduction in price for those that like finding a DEAL.  We personally buy and sell each & every coach.  In a lot of cases, my family and I actually use the coach for a short (Check out) trip to get to know the coach in more detail.  This translates into an EXCELLENT deal for you (a Down-to-Earth price from a knowledgeable person that makes the buying & selling decisions without a lot of red tape in the middle).

Buying a coach on the internet can be a FUN & REWARDING Experience.  With a quick phone call, you will be feeling a lot better about your potential purchase knowing that you are dealing with someone that actually cares & takes pride in our business. We are also consumers.  We try to treat everyone like we would want to be treated.

We will pick you up at the airport, try to give you a better purchasing experience than you would ever dream possible as well as SAVE you enough MONEY to make it well-worth the trip to Dallas to take delivery. Our Texas hospitality is second to none.

Before you arrive, we try to have everything in the coach “READY TO CAMP“.  We provide complete operational instructions and verification on all systems on your coach.  We try to answer every question you may have before your departure on your MAIDEN VOYAGE.

There is no better feeling than Rolling Across our Great Nation in a LUXURY Diesel Pusher knowing you just saved tens of thousands of dollars or MORE.

Please do not hesitate to call me, Mel, with any questions about an RV or Boat 214-704-7296.